Saturday, October 30, 2010

NPR's disaster: The Firing of Juan WIlliams

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NPR's disaster: The firing of Juan Williams

It is clear that NPR and liberals just can't handle the truth. The fact is that muslim extremists attacked this country and continue to try to attack this country. While it is convenient to call them extremist one other trait they have in common is that they are very religiously conservative. Someone who wears traditional muslim cloths is indentifying him/herself as a conservative muslim. That is they are sending a message that they agree with the fundamental religious beliefs of the people that are our enemies. For someone to get "nervous" when they see someone they can identify as a muslim is only human nature. Profiling is what we do as humans, we look at people and based on what we see we overlay a template of our expectations of that person. It is only when we have new facts that we "might" change our preconcieved biases.

Juan was honest about his feelings, for a reporter to be fired for being honest in making the kind of statement he made is utter non-sense.

NPR will pay a heavy price for this, thank god.

Comment by: FightEvil

Firing Juan Williams was the best thing that could have happened to him. These psychotic liberals are too stupid to recognize their own failures. A good psychologist wrote a book on leadership back in the 90s I think and the title was Barbarians to Bureaucrats and it tells of the life cycle of companies and countries. The final stage is Aristocracy and it is where the elites have elevated themselves so high in their own minds that they "think" they know what the people under their control want but in reality they are so far away from them that they can't understand. That is what is happening in Wash DC now. The dems are so far from reality - they are at least 3 or 4 Star Gate transfers away from earth and they do not know how to get back on firm land. As with the Russian, Chinese and British empires over the past 150 years, as the leaders became more distant the rumblings at the lower levels began to rise up leading to a revolution. That is where we are now. In America, hopefully the revolution starts Nov 2. Unfortunately in most revolutions, those revolting are not sure how to make things better they just want to stop things from getting worse. In Bible terminology there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Texas Public University Administrators Take Care of Themselves, Not Students