Saturday, August 20, 2016

What is a real Muslim?

"You shouldn't generalize Muslims" "there 1.6 billion Muslims in the world" ...... These are examples of common arguments used as mechanism of defense repeated widely by Muslims and their leftist Useful Idiots once Islam is attacked or criticized.

1.6 billion Muslims?.... Really?..... Do all Muslims consider themselves Muslims? Do all Muslims consider their fellow Muslims, real Muslims? Do all Muslims represent Islam in the eyes of all Muslims? ....I don't think so. Facts on the ground say otherwise:

Look at this:

Sunni: Shia are not true Muslim
Shia: Sunni are not true Muslim.
Sunni & Shia : Ahmadi are not true Muslim.
Sunni & Shia: Suffi are not true Muslim.
Sunni & Shia: Alawite are not true Muslim.
Sunni: Ismaili are not true Muslim.
Alawite: Sunni & Shia are not true Muslim.
Salafist Sunni : Every Muslim should be a terrorist.
Sunni Jihadi : Shia Jihadi are not true Jihadi.
Shia Jihadi : Sunni Jihadi is not a true Jihadi.
Moderate Muslim: Jihadis are not true Muslim.
Jihadis: Moderate Muslim are not true Muslim.

Conclusion: No Muslim is a true Muslim, and no Muslim represents real Islam, and every Muslim thinks himself the true Muslim while the other is not. And finally what the real Islam is or who the real Muslim is? Nobody knows, and it has never been known from the time of Mohammed and the so called "righteous" Muslim Caliphs to this day.

But when you say something negative about Islam, All kind of "muslims" will tell you how dare you criticize the faith of 1.6 billion Muslim? ... How dare you generalize all 1.6 Muslims in the world.

They suddenly become 1.6 billion Muslim?

I wonder how many left of those 1.6 billion are considered "True Muslim" by other Muslim?


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