Wednesday, May 15, 2013

even as you are reading the same, someone somewhere is making his preparations for his celestial date with 72 virgins, pearl like boys, the rivers of wine and pheasant meat. All that an enlightened Muslim has to do to enter Islamic paradise is to kill a helpless, unsuspecting kafir, and he has ensured his Allah sanctioned, never ending orgy. That’s it! The shortest road to Paradise ! Allah couldn’t have been more benevolent to his believers.
The next victim of the bomb under a crowded bus seat or live RDX meekly concealed in a bustling market thoroughfare could be a faceless stranger, two continents away. It could be your helpless friend , or it could very well be you. Muslims don’t play dice with kafirs; all are condemned to die as per their holy Quran. (The survivors, i.e the ‘dhimmis‘ await a fate worse than death.)

It’s not a question of ‘if’; it’s a question of ‘when’? Muslims are not going to have a change of heart.
It will be the biggest bitter joke in human history when a bunch of bearded, illiterate, foul-mouthed thugs hold an entire civilization to ransom, rubbishing all scientific and cultural advances made till date. The aim of all invading Muslim armies is to usher their utopian 7th Century barbarity over the conquered lands. It has happened with Persia , it happened with Egypt and India , (three of the most developed and prosperous countries in their time). It is happening in Europe and Scandinavia . Make no mistake; it is going to happen everywhere.
Imagine the day when scientists, film-stars, journalists, social workers, and all male kafirs with pubic hair are beheaded one by one, the Islamic way. A gentle cut of the carotid artery, with your hands and feet tied back – you can take your time to die. What’s the hurry?
Imagine the day when all the innocent girls and women who move around like gazelles in your city, gang-raped one after the other, the old and the ugly ‘chastised’ in the above manner, and the beautiful sold to the highest bidder in Saudi Arabia.
It has happened earlier, and nothing is stopping it from happening now.


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