Thursday, October 27, 2011

Muslim students at Catholic University of America complain that Christian symbols make them uncomfortable when they pray in empty classrooms - Jihad Watch

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Truth About Occupy Wall Street

Posted as a comment on the story Glen Belk did on Occupy Wall Street 10/25/11.

athrun77 15 hours ago
I have come to the conclusion that the left always accuses their enemies of being exactly what they are. We were told repeatedly that the tea party and conservatives were racist, prejudiced and religious bigots. The mainstream media can produce no video or audio to prove it. The one guy they find at 8/28 is denounced and yet occupy wall street has endorsements from the KKK, the Black panthers, Add busters, American Muslim association, Cair, Code pink and every other anti-semetic and bigoted organization plus we have the audio and video to prove it repeatedly but supposedly were racist. We supposedly shove our religious beliefs of morality down homosexuals throats yet their the ones who boycott, deface property, violently attack individuals and burn religious texts and force indoctrination in our schools. We are supposedly violent in our protests despite no evidence and no arrests in over 800 known events yet they have 900 arrested in NY alone, parade with heads on pikes and openly send violent threats to people and mob individual houses and families like the pack of wild animals they are. We are accused of spreading lies and breaking laws to pump poison into minority communities yet their supporters openly talk of violence, re-education camps and guillotines not based on fair trial by law or jury but by bigoted social justice (another word for no justice) which is nothing but tyranny of the group or mob. we are called Nazis and yet the only difference between them and the Brown shirts is that the uniform is now purple, red, green or no hygiene. Our events are orchestrated by special interests and,corporate cronyism and a political party despite little to no evidence on any financial or political backing whatsoever on any known site yet they can amass special interests, unions , media outlets, and every political organization and corporate left hack or celebrity in the nation to support them and where we could only afford 2-3 days to take off from work to go to conservative events like 8/ 28 expenses paid from our own pockets. They apparently have enough funding to can camp out for almost 2 months in public squares receive from undisclosed sources up to and estimated 300 million a week in supplies and pay even by standers 600 dollars a week to hold a sign and that is supposedly grass roots and spontaneous. I have one statement and that is 100 years from now if their is any justice at all in the world (no progressives) you will look in the Webster dictionary ( provided anyone can still read English at a high enough level) under the words LIAR, TRAITOR, CHARLATAN, CON ARTIST AND HYPOCRITE and find the following definitions PROGRESSIVE, SOCIALIST, MARXIST, LIBERAL, IVY LEAGUE, AND COMMUNIST. show less