Sunday, February 27, 2011

Islam treatment of Christians

This is a very graphic photo. Be warned it is not for the faint of heart.
It illustrates how sick the religion of peace and tolerance is.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Islam / Koran

Excellent source on understanding Islam.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Hypermasculine Muslims - Islam and hypermasculinity

Hypermasculine Muslims - Islam and hypermasculinity
Predatory and domineering, Islam is a brutal, hypermasculine, barbarian, tribal warrior cult that glories in murder, mutilation, rape, genocide, terrorism, destruction and anarchy. Women, girls and all the feminine aspects human nature are chattelised and subjugated. Weakness is despised and seen as ripe for predation. A woman or girl is to be owned, not treated as an equal. If she punctures the fragile inflated ego of her owner, then she must be killed to restore the man's 'honour' among his peers. Kuffar women and children are war booty.

Islam is bullying, swaggering, predatory, wife-beating thuggery, which is the destroyer of all that is beautiful, spiritual, gentle, innocent and vulnerable.

The Religion of Peace

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Does the United Sates of America have an equivalent to the EDL? We as a country are so naive that we seem to have bought into the Islam propaganda of a religion of peace and tolerance. The politically correct culture in America is totally dominated by giving the Muslim a free pass. Our media and government never hesitate to kiss muslim/islam butt to be sure they are never offended by reporting reality. CAIR has been able to dominate national discourse by playing the victim and racist card at every opportunity. Even our President is suspect. We don't seem to have the will to secure our borders and have seen a mass migration of God knows who. You would think after 911 we would have been more viligiant. Not so. Our President is fostering social engineering to ensure future votes by doing all possible to legalize illegal aliens. Our Americans have become so timid that we are afraid to speak out in fear of being branded as a right wing Christian out of touch with reality. We need a real leader who is not afraid to speak the truth and reality much like the rest of the world.

Muslim vs Jews

This is an excert from I found this blog to be most informative.

Genocidal aspect of the Global Jihad
Muslims refuse to condemn and repudiate the hadith which reads: “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time [of judgment] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!” (Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985);

Honor Shame Culture and Humiliation in Islam

This is an excellent link to the Islam/Muslim world and what their problem is.

Overview of culture, politics and religion. The Religion of Peaces and Tolerance wants to kill you. Not the best way to win friends and influence people.

As we wait for the Tsar to abdicate

Excellent insight in to today current events and pre WWI. Well worth your time to read. Be informed and very scared.

Muslim in the West

Akhtar is not impressed with the concessions made and has demanded that Muslims boycott the infidel dogs at Burger King, "This is my jihad. How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way to the right you are offending Muslims." It sounds like Akhtar won't be satisfied until the Burger King executives are beheaded.

Let's step back and look at the big picture. Many Muslim countries make a practice of outlawing other religions, actively discriminate against them, make non-Muslims second class citizens, forbid the display of their religious symbols, and generally think it's perfectly acceptable to disrespect anything other than Islam. Yet, these same arrogant Muslims come to the West and are outraged if they imagine they see an insult to Islam in their ice cream cones. Islam is a religion of perpetual grievance, mostly contrived, which demands a respect from other religions it never grants them.

Akhtar's jihad is an example of the advantage Muslims take of the Western welcome of diverse beliefs. If we honor every one of their illegitimate complaints, they'll have us chasing our own tails. When we act on their bogus grievances, it only encourages them to make more demands, of which their ultimate demand is that the whole world bow to Mecca.

*** UPDATE ***

Other things that offend the insufferably bigoted Muslims are the Red Cross, Nike shoes, and Coca-Cola. Alhamedi, the dissident Saudi of The Religious Policeman points out that Middle Easterners don't believe in rendering apologies because they will lose face. However, they very much believe they deserve apologies from Westerners.