Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baccalaurate Service

I had the honor to attend my daughter’s Baccalaurate service today.   A group of 116 of graduating seniors from Richland High School class of 2009 along with their family, friends and many of the faculty gathered to ask God’s blessing on this group of young people.  This event was held in a public facility operated by the school district and many prayers and spiritual songs were sung along with a message delivered by a young minister.  I give thanks to God for that this event has not been cancelled by some activist atheist ACLU lawyer.  May we the people continue to have the right to assemble to give thanks to the One who makes all things possible.   I would have liked to have seen more of this 500 plus graduating class and their supporters present.  My fear is that this event is short lived given our societies eagerness to remove God from our public life.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is Monday. Please take a moment to observe the National Moment of Remembrance by pausing wherever you are @ 3:00 p.m. in honor of our fallen.  More than a million men and women have died for our freedom from the Revolutionary War to the present.  Remember the words: Duty, Honor and Sacrifice when you think of the brave souls.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009




No Tolerance for Intolerance - No Apology for being Free

New favorite quote.

No Tolerance for Intolerance - No Apology for being Free