Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nothing Better to Do on a Saturday Afternoon

Read in the paper that the local Log Cabin Village was holding an annual event with live demos. After living hear for almost 15 years decided I should go check it out.

Surprised to see 6 functional log cabins that had been restored and furnished with period accurate items. The demonstrations of cooking, weaving, music & story telling were very well done by local volunteers in costume.

Most of the log cabins were from the 1850s and relocated to this Fort Worth location from surrounding communities and counties.

One item of particular note was a one school room school that has been the area with multiple uses for over one hundred years.

Good Stuff here for those who need a refresher in how life used to be.

This led me to learn that all area musems were having and open house so I made a mad dash to the culture district to see what I could see.

Firt Stop was the Amon Carter Musem that had a visting collection of Depression ear photos that are unique in that they were taken in color. The photographers were commissioned by the WPA and most worked in black in white. The colors add a lot to the flavor of a depressing subject known as the depression.

The next stop was the Kimbell Art Musem the visiting collection Hatshepsut. The true story of the rise and fall of the most mysterious pharoh of ancient Egypt. The queen who would be king... Great if you are into this I am not but the statues, jewelry, tools etc. are cool.